Welcome to tsquare!

tsquare supports the development of new business with a creative, strategic planning and agile implementation process. tsquare has proven this approach in various projects in financial services and for web 2.0 business models. Furthermore, we are supporting cost effective prototyping and piloting of the business models thanks to our sourcing capabilities.

Please note that our website is available in German only. However, we are looking forward to hearing from you in English!


Find our phone numbers, e-mail and postal address below:

Direct phone numbers:

Mobile phone Thomas Moser: +41 78 808 21 82
Mobile phone Thomas Zwicker: +41 76 474 32 59

Office contact:

tsquare GmbH
Aarbergstr. 51
8405 Winterthur

Email: info@tsquare.ch
Skype: tsquare.ch
Telefon: +41 44 586 93 01